THE LEGEND OF LUNA LEVI (eng) – Gordana Kuić


Izdavač: Vulkan izdavaštvo
Broj strana: 368
Pismo: Latinica
Povez: Mek
Format: 14.5×20.5 cm
Godina izdanja: 2014.
ISBN: 978-86-10-01186-9

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THE LEGEND OF LUNA LEVI (eng) – Gordana Kuić

In her latest novel The Legend of Luna Levi, Gordana Kuić revives her close bond with the same literary world, weaving a story of Sephardic exile. Juan, assistant to the Spanish Grand Inquisitor, is brought to acknowledge his true faith and embrace a new destiny as the exiled Jew Solomon. This is the introduction to a tale of love and adventure in which even pirates play a part, while celebrating Jewishness in a framework of great religious tolerance. In this gripping and attractive history of Sephardic Jews, the Reconquista and the Inquisition, the Ottoman Empire and Mediterranean trade, Gordana Kuić returns to the best aspects of her prose. In relating a love story that will attract readers, she has written a book that combines the virtues of the unknown and exotic with the familiar and expected. The novel also rightly measures female destiny in commitment to love for a man, together with a courageous exploration of one’s own character and free will.”

– Aleksandar Jerkov
Vreme, September 2, 2000

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