SLEEPLESS – Goran Stojičić


Izdavač: Ammonite
Broj strana: 231
Pismo: Latinica
Povez: Mek
Format: 21 cm

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SLEEPLESS – Goran Stojičić

“They were in a restaurant, sitting at the different tables. Each with their respective friends. The imaginary lines of their glances reached one another across the room. Right above minestrone soup and pumpkin potage some middle-aged women were eating at the moment not having the faintest idea that among all those appetizing gastronomic delights was also another one but of a different type. On the left of the bottles of olive oil and vinegar and on the right of the pepper, salt and toothpicks, there was a chunk of bliss that broke off during the clash of their glances and fell among the pleasant smells that were lingering above the plates.”

(Sleepless, Acrophobia)