OUR FATHER – Ljiljana Habjanović Đurović


Izdavač: Globosino
Broj strana: 132
Pismo: Latinica
Povez: Mek
Godina izdanja: 2014.

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OUR FATHER – Ljiljana Habjanović Đurović

Our fathe is a moving testimonial of a woman who, for the first time after forty–three years, meets up with her father.
She carries her memories along with her.
With him is his daughter from his second marriage.
What will this encounter bring them?
What can the meeting of two strangers – to whom someone had said that they are father and daughter – bring?

Our father
A painful, dramatic and sincere confession of experiences that leave their traces on the soul just like stains on silk.
About family. About fathers and daughters. About emotional blackmail. Negligence and indifference. About the feeling of guilt, real and imposed.

Our father
A novel of warning – what you must never do to your children

Our father
The third book from the author’s cycle dealing with the family
A sequel to the novels Ana Maria did not love me and Feminine genealogy.

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