JOY OF ALL WHO SORROW – Ljiljana Habjanović Đurović


Izdavač: Globosino
Godina izdanja: 2017
Br. str.: 408
Povez: broš
Format: 20 cm
ISBN: 978-86-7900-061-3
Jezik: engleski
Language: : English

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JOY OF ALL WHO SORROW – Ljiljana Habjanović Đurović

First time after two thousand years!

Joy of All Who Sorrow– a novel about earthly life of the Holy Mother. This deeply moving and thrilling confession about the most important event since the beginning of the world is told by the two closest to Jesus – the Holy Mother herself and St. John the Evangelist, the beloved Christ’s disciple to whom the lord from the cross confided the most beloved creature he has left on earth – his own mother. “The names mentioned here show the courage and earnestness of the literary efforts of the authoress to literary embody the characters that have been formed in the memory and experience of the centuries, which is an enormous limitation and a frame enforced upon the writer’s imagination, who in a certain measure has to accommodate a new character to an already formed one, and on the other hand needs to provide a brand new original character adjusted to the story, relations to other characters and the reality presented in the literary work. Exactly in that portraying of hers Ljiljana Habjanović Đurović, illuminating the depths, achieves the mastership and truly revives their psychologies accommodated to both their true biographies and the characteristics which result from the literary process. Thanks to the Joy of All Who Sorrow today’s readers will experience the Holy Mother in the total plenitude of a being who is not only sacred, but also earthly.

Love as the counter-measure to evil, shown through spiritual existence, through merging with Logos by the word of God from which grows life and faith in the meaning of human existence and suffering is consistently realized in the novel Joy of All Who Sorrow, written by the authoress inspired to present in the phantasmagoria as real and compose a poem, a prayer about the most beautiful character of the Christian civilization and eschatology.