FEMININE GENEOLOGY – Ljiljana Habjanović Đurović


Br.strana: 197
Povez: Meki povez
God.izdanja: 2014.
Izdavač: Globosino Aleksandrija

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FEMININE GENEOLOGY – Ljiljana Habjanović Đurović

Feminine genealogy is an exciting family saga, a bloody anthology of women’s sufferings, a dictionary of everlasting women’s destiny. Beginning with Ivana, who killed a Turk somewhere in Montenegrin mountains in the early XIX century, and ending with Iva who tries to take control of her own life and to escape from the misfortunes of her female ancestry in the late XX century. Their fascinating destinies remind us of fairy tales: in the period of two hundred of solitude they were born like hares and they died like wolves. They used to seek and to find, to love and to lose. They were poor servants and rich landladies, members revolutionary youth organizations and children of self-managing socialism dressed like hippie girls. Mighty and helpless, devoted and treacherous, they used to have baths in champagne and prepare soups of tears. Succulent and strong prose in which each man will find the woman of his dreams and each woman a part of herself.

Sailors and adventurers, nobles from Kotor and masters from Cetinje, artists and bullies, swindles and royal officers, man from Podgorica and Zagreb, migrant workers and warriors, gamblers and Yugoslav politicians … were passing throughout their lives and set them.

Feminine genealogy is a novel about the hunger of the soul, about the need of every human being to choose the goals and find the meaning of life by itself. The story that determines the limits of human strength and courage as well as the price paid by a man who intends to be equal to Gods.

Feminine genealogy is juicy and strong prose, over which you will think about, which will touch a hidden corners of your soul, prose in which every man shall find a woman that every man dreams of, and every woman shall find at least a part of herself.